BulkSms Naija provide SMS Short Code Service, also known as short numbers; is a 5 digit number on which data (SMS) can be sent by subscribers of the mobile operators. All incoming sms, to the short code can be made available with full details to the customer.

Short codes are widely used for value-added services such as television voting, ordering ringtones, charity donations and mobile services. Messages sent to short code can be billed at a higher rate than a standard SMS and may even subscribe a customer to a reoccurring monthly service that will be added to their mobile phone bill until they text e.g. the word "STOP" to terminate the service.

Short codes have a high top of the mind recall as they are relatively easy to remember. Combined with pull sms, marketing campaign can be automated, personalized and analyzed. Large reach of marketing campaign due to high mobile penetration. like: text BIZ space BULKSMSNAIJA space your firstname and lastname to 35815. or Get your caller’s dancing to these tunes! For low waist by maleke, txt 011322 to 35815

If you choose to use your own shared short code, we help you every step of the way from setup to certification. It usually takes from 3 to 5 days to get your own shared short code set up.

Shared Short Code Pricing

Description Basic
Setup costs

N100,000 for twelve month

Monthly Charges

N15,000 per month

Dedicated Short Code Pricing

Description Basic
Setup costs

N450,000 for twelve month

Monthly Charges

N120,000 per month

It usually takes from 2 to 4 days to set up short code after confirmation of payment.download payout
and customer agreement email: sales@bulksmsnaija.com for further details.

Pay into any of the account numbers below and for setup fees: Bank Name: Access Bank Plc Account Name: Netdomainhost Global Account Number: 0054495333

Bulk Calling Services: It helps you to place single, group or bulk calls, using internet enabled pc, it allows you to schedule and upload prerecorded voice messages that lets you generate automated sales lead for callbacks from the mobile users. Our Bulk Calling Services is a quality products that enable you to communicate over internet without even being present to make the call. Our products are very much user friendly and lets you perform automated calling tasks with ease. You can quickly SignUp to for set up.

This is a great tool for::
(1) SMS Competitions/ Voting, (2) Text 2 Win promotions, (3) Information services/Address Finder (4)Dating or Community Chat, (5) Polls and Surveys, (6) Job Vacancy, (7) SMS Games Quiz (8) Prize draws, (9) Charity SMS donations, (10) Redeemable Mobile SMS Vouchers, (11) Subscription services, (12) Political Campaigns, (13) Weekly Inspiration Quotes, (14) Health Tip, (15) Business Generation
(16) Conducting SMS contests, (17) Receive feedback from customers, (18) Database creation, (19) Surveys, (20) Information on demand, and many more.

We do not take orders in our office. All orders are made through this website.